Heery Acquires HLM Design

ATLANTA – Heery International recently announced the acquisition of HLM Design, a well-established justice architecture firm with offices in Philadelphia, Denver, Orlando and Iowa City.

Forty-two-year-old HLM has a well-established practice in the planning and design of healthcare and criminal justice projects. The acquisition will add more than 100 employees to Heery’s workforce and provide Heery with a tremendous new depth and breadth of experience in healthcare and justice markets nationwide.

Representatives for Heery said justice and corrections are key expansion targets. Heery's services include facilities management, interior design, engineering and program and construction management.

“HLM Design has an impressive track record with the design of nearly one billion square feet of projects with an aggregate construction value in excess of $30 billion,” said Jim Moynihan, president and CEO of Heery International. “This represents a dramatic start to our newest four-year growth initiative.”

Some of HLM's offices were closed earlier and some had been sold off. Heery purchased four offices along with the HLM name. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

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