Trussbilt offers hollow metal security doors and frames designed for prisons, jails, juvenile facilities and detention centers.

Detention doors are made with Trusscore, an internal reinforcement system made of truncated, triangular, roll-formed steel sections that are spot-welded to either door-face at more than 800 weld points. Hollow metal doors weigh 20 percent less than other brands and prevent overuse of door hardware and locking mechanisms, says the manufacturer.

Detention frames are designed for multiple security applications, including doorframes, borrowed light frames, exterior window frames and curtainwall frames. Entire walls can be designed as glazed windows frames to allow supervision in day rooms, recreation yards and visitation areas and can be reinforced with heat treated bar or wire mesh.

All products can accommodate custom requirements, such as larger size, bullet resistance, fire rating, vision and hardware configurations and electrical or mechanical intercoms.

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