Study: Green Offices are More Productive

EAST LANSING, Mich. — A new study released by Michigan State University draws an evidence-based connection between environmentally friendly offices buildings and the productivity of office staff.
Titled “Effects of Green Buildings on Employee Health and Productivity,” the study examined two cases in the Lansing area where workers moved from a conventional office building to an environmentally friendly green facility. Workers claimed they called in sick less often and were more productive in the new sustainable environment. Researchers concluded that moving to LEED-certified buildings contributed to noticeable reductions in self-reported absenteeism and stress.
“The literature on the health effects of green buildings claim that improved [indoor environmental quality] has a positive effect on health and well-being,” the researchers reported. “Our findings in these preliminary studies lend support to expectations of improved IEQ and occupational health and public health outcomes from expanded use of green office buildings.”
Employees involved in the study conducted pre-move and post-move surveys via the web to determine number of hours absent per month as a result of asthma and respiratory allergies, as well as the number of self-reported work hours per month affected by depression and stress. 
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