Overcrowding Solutions

While the U.S. economy remains in flux and correctional agencies run on bare-bones budgets, new construction and renovation projects are a difficult sell for the public, despite a pent-up demand in some areas for new facilities.

Instead of turning to large-scale correctional projects, some jurisdictions are finding savings and efficiencies with quick-installation temporary and permanent structures. The case studies below highlight an emerging trend that is serving the immediate needs of counties straining to manage overcrowding and healthcare issues.

Innovation in Tight Times
An alternative to chronic correctional facility overcrowding is becoming more prevalent as jails across the country continue to struggle with budget issues – and reach out to temporary/permanent housing solutions. In Chesapeake, Va., officials at the Chesapeake Correctional Center are delighted with their three new temporary structures that hold a minimum of 266 inmates – and that came with a price tag of only $6 million. Read More

A Sobering Solution
When El Paso County’s Lighthouse Detoxification Facility was closed due to a funding shortage and staffing problems, hospitals started experiencing a major increase in patients needing detox services in their emergency rooms. Sheriff Terry Maketa saw this dilemma and the same month proposed replacing it with a new standalone Community Detoxification Facility. Read More

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