Hugh Shelton

General Hugh Shelton, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has joined Mulkey Engineers & Consultants, a full-service engineering firm, as an advisor to its board of directors. Four-star Army General Shelton’s 38-year military career includes two terms as Joint Chiefs of Staff. Among his military awards are four Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart.
Shelton is the founder of the Shelton Leadership Initiative, which aims to teach leadership skills that led to his own success to students, faculty, executives and community leaders. The program is administered through his alma mater, North Carolina State University.
For the past eight years, Shelton has worked with Mulkey to administer the Mulkey/Shelton Leadership Award to support the effort to provide leadership and ethical training as well as other educational opportunities for youth.
Shelton has also received a Congressional Gold Medal from the 107th Congress.