Ariz. County Awards Correctional RFQ

YUMA, Ariz. — The Yuma County Department of Developmental Services awarded the design RFQ for the Yuma County East Satellite facility to Yuma-based architect Steven R. Fischer.

The original solicitation was for the design, expansion and remodel of the Yuma County Wellton Justice/Sheriff building, which currently covers about 4,000 square feet. The size and the number of beds of the project, which will be funded by federal and county funds, have not been determined.

The project will be divided into two phases, the first of which will produce a final Concept Design Report, including a construction cost estimate of the recommended improvements.

The report will include site and floor plans and possibilities for the location of services and the proposed method of delivering power and water to the site. The county must approve the report before moving to the second phase of the project.

The Concept Design Report will also include evaluation of external and internal circulation of vehicular and pedestrian access, and make provisions for a multi-use conference room with shared workstations.

During Phase II, the county may authorize the consultant to use the design report to prepare complete architectural and engineering plans, specifications, special conditions, contract administration and inspection, a contract bid schedule and cost estimate for the project.

A space needs study evaluating parking, sewer capacity and any extension or addition to the leach lines, security, mechanical, electrical, storage and access-related items, as well as an evaluation of the existing mechanical and electrical systems, will also be conducted during the second phase.

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