Barry K. and Sidney O. Dewberry

Dewberry appointed Barry K. Dewberry to the position of chairman of the board. After joining the firm in 1975, Barry Dewberry began taking on key roles in the organization’s management in 1977. He has held the positions of chief operating officer and chief executive officer. Most recently, Dewberry served as vice chairman for the company. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee and a master’s degree from American University.

Sidney O. Dewberry will transition into the role of chairman emeritus and founder. He will continue to serve on Dewberry’s Board of Directors, providing strategic guidance to Dewberry’s chairman and officers. Sid Dewberry has overseen the operations and growth of Dewberry since he co-founded the firm in 1956. He is also a founding member and former chairman of the Engineers & Surveyors Institute as well as a founding member of the George Mason University Urban Systems Engineering Institute.

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