Security Ceiling Systems

Accurate Perforating releases its Sentry security ceiling systems. The Sentry ceiling units are designed to prevent unauthorized access to the plenum, while concealing and protecting plumbing, electrical, and HVAC facilities. Made with all steel, the systems reduce maintenance and replacement costs and can be filled with poly-wrapped fiberglass acoustical blanket to meet specific sound absorption requirements, according to the company. Constructed with standard sizes of up to 2 feet by 4 feet, its metal panels are available perforated or solid in 18-gauge steel and 20-gauge steel or .040 aluminum. They have concealed locking and install on a heavy-duty Accurate suspension grid system. The ceiling systems also offer the Sentry plank ceilings, measuring up to 2 feet by 10 feet of overlapping metal planks. Available in up to 20-guage steel, they install on heavy-duty perimeter wall channels.

Accurate Perforating

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