Portable Lighting System

Larson Electronics released its high-power light tower designed to provide full portability and standalone operation for applications where an external power source is impractical or unavailable. The WAL-ML-2XM-3G Mini Light Tower with 3000VA generator provides users an easy portable lighting system that can illuminate approximately 2 acres effectively, according to the company. Featuring a telescoping mast fitted with metal halide lamps and an onboard generator that powers the lamps up to 6 hours, its powder-coated steel adds strength and durability, according to the company. A pair of 1000-watt metal halide lamps provides 220,000 overall lumens with a wide flood pattern that illuminates large areas. With a simple hand crank, operators can adjust the tower up to 7 feet in height for increased coverage and each lamp can be adjusted independently and mounted to a removable mounting bracket on tower. The tower is fitted with a heavy-duty base equipped with rubber tires to allow operators to easily roll the entire unit into position.

Larson Electronics LLC

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