Construction Underway at Volusia County Correctional Facilities

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Renovation projects at the Volusia County Correctional Facility and the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach are underway. Like most other corrections projects in development across the nation, these two renovation projects will address security and overcrowding issues that plagued the facilities for years. In total, the projects will cost nearly $9 million.
The correctional facility and jail serve two different purposes for the county, and the design of the renovation projects will reflect that. For instance, the jail requires tighter security because it’s the place where correctional officers take people upon arrest. The jail is where inmates are booked into custody and attend their first court appearance.
Construction work at the jail includes renovating the approximately 11,438 square feet of existing space, as well as adding approximately 8,932 square feet. This includes building a new sallyport for police and deputies to bring in criminal suspects, which will hopefully cut down on security issues. As of March 1, the new sallyport building pad and footings were completed. The first lift of exterior masonry wall was also completed, while work was progressing on the second lift. HKS Architects, with offices in Fort Myers, Fla., is serving as the architect on the project, while Jacksonville-based Ajax Building Corporation is doing the construction work.
The Volusia County Correctional Facility houses both female and male inmates who don’t require high security and have been sentenced to serve time there by the county judge. The county recently tore down the five wooden dormitory buildings situated behind the correctional facility, which were originally built in 1982 as temporary housing facilities. Instead, they have been used for inmate housing for more than 30 years.
Two masonry and steel frame buildings will replace the wooden dorms and offer more a capacity of 272 inmates, compared to 200 at the current facility. LEED certification is required on the project. Locally based A.M. Weigel Construction Inc. is serving as the construction manager.
Both projects are in progress and are scheduled for completion in early 2015.

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