5 Corrections Projects to Watch in 2017

To expand upon last year’s five corrections projects to watch, Correctional News selected five additional projects to follow. With several additional justice facility construction projects underway, Correctional News will provide readers with status updates throughout the year as these projects celebrate groundbreakings, topping-off ceremonies and final completion. Read on to learn more about the projects and what to expect from them in 2017.

Delaware County Judicial Building

Project Name: Delaware County Judicial Building
Location: Delaware, Ohio
Cost: $38 million
Start Date: Fall 2015
Estimated Completion Date: Spring 2017
Mission: To combine a majority of county governmental services under one roof.
Project Team: Sillings Architects (architect)


  • The building will be home to three large common pleas courtrooms and six smaller hearing rooms — all with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology.
  • Secure holding cells, judges’ suites, attorney conference rooms, jury assembly spaces, jury deliberation rooms and mediation spaces as well as the county’s clerk of courts and probation offices will support the courts.
Administrative United States Penitentiary Thomson

Project Name: Administrative United States Penitentiary Thomson
Location: Thomson, Ill.
Cost: $165 million
Start Date: 2014
Estimated Completion Date: End of 2017
Mission: To upgrade the underused facility that the state bought for $165 million in 2012 and that has never housed more than 200 minimum-security inmates since being built in 2001.
Project Team: Undisclosed


  • The maximum-security prison sits on 146 acres and comprises 15 buildings.
  • It’s expected to house up to 2,800 federal inmates upon completion.
Lake County Courthouse

Project Name: Lake County Courthouse Expansion
Location: Waukegan, Ill.
Cost: $110 million
Start Date: June 2016
Estimated Completion Date: Spring 2018
Mission: Add a new, eight-story court tower and Washington Street Tunnel that connects the jail to the courthouse.
Project Team: AECOM (architect); Clark Construction (construction manager)


  • The already completed Washington Street Tunnel (as the project’s first phase) provides secure and efficient in-custody transfers.
  • The 200,000-square-foot criminal courts building will feature 12 courtrooms and a holding room on each floor adjacent to the courtrooms.
Wayne County Jail

Project Name: Wayne County Jail
Location: Detroit
Cost: $300 million
Start Date: Mid-2012
Estimated Completion Date: October 2019
Mission: To finish construction of the new five-story jail facility that has been on hold since summer 2013.
Project Team: CGL (county’s representative)


  • As of last July, the project came under new guidance after county commissioners settled with AECOM and Ghafari Associates, the original companies hired to work on the project.
  • The five-story, 2,000-bed jail that will streamline management of jail medical care, food programs and laundry services.
Metro-Davidson Criminal Justice Center

Project Name: Metro-Davidson Criminal Justice Center
Location: Nashville, Tenn.
Cost: $113.4 million
Start Date: Summer 2016
Estimated Completion Date: End of 2019
Mission: To replace the existing Criminal Justice Center that was originally constructed in 1982.
Project Team: Bell & Associates Construction (general contractor); HOK (architect)


  • The new 1,000-bed jail facility will feature a new mental health wing.
  • An outdoor plaza and front façade opens to the community and surrounding facilities, and includes fountains and trees.




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