Air Filtration Systems

Whether it’s a 911 call center, a police evidence room or a prison, Healthway 2000 SC air purification systems eliminate 99.99 percent of airborne bacteria and pollutants. Healthway systems have unparalleled success eliminating airborne bacteria, allergens, volatile organic compounds and strong odors, and have also proven crucial to negative pressure applications in penitentiary healthcare settings. By creating an air-pressure differential in a certain space, a vacuum is formed that brings air into the space, while keeping its contaminated air locked tight. The self-contained unit’s modular design applies the company’s Disinfecting Filtration System technology to any airflow criteria, and due to its independent blower, it can retrofit with any HVAC system. It can also be installed as a standalone unit above ceiling space to treat targeted areas. It offers four times the filter loading capacity of a typical HEPA filter with zero loss or restriction of airflow.



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