Sustainable Security Solutions Enters Detention Industry

SAN ANTONIO — A new specialty subcontractor has announced its entrance into the detention and corrections industry. Sustainable Security Solutions (S3), based in San Antonio, recently released its business model summary, describing its core services as “coordinating, project managing and installing specialty products such as security doors, frames, hardware, glazing, detention equipment and low-voltage security electronic systems in correctional facilities,” according to a statement from the company.

Heading up the new venture are industry veterans Zach Greene, Pat McCracken and Todd Clark. The company was founded on a business model that allows them to use their cumulative 50-plus years of experience and technical knowledge to focus on their core competencies of pre-construction planning and budgeting, project management, constructibility analysis, engineering, scheduling and more. In addition, as a service business, S3 will not be manufacturing or building specialty products and systems for its projects, and instead will partner with best-in-class specialty manufacturers and integrators, according to the company’s statement.

“Our primary focus is to ensure S3’s clients will have a detention equipment and security electronics specialist they can partner with and depend on to successfully budget, coordinate, deliver and install this specialized equipment with a high level of quality, integrity, professionalism and operational excellence,” according to a statement.

The company is starting with just three full-time employees and a supporting group of contracted specialty consulting firms in addition to installation technicians. However, S3 is looking to expand throughout time as needed in order to support organic growth. The company is hoping to grow in volume slowly with cash earned through successful projects and careful consideration of how and when to add talent and other resources to the organization.

“We will not take on projects or a volume of work that we haven’t carefully analyzed and assessed in order to determine that we can successfully complete our work without taking on any long-term debt, jeopardizing our ability to pay our vendors and partners within terms, or compromise the ability to provide a high level of personal service to our customers,” according to a statement.

For more information about S3, contact Zach Greene:

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