Call Management System

For inmates at Vigo County Community Corrections, a work release center in Terre Haute, Indiana, keeping in contact with loved ones was more complicated than just dialing a phone number. The old system relied on collect calls and phone cards, which drained both money and time.

“There’s only me and one other staff person who handle inmate trust accounts,” said Laura Fagin, deputy director of administration. “It was taxing having to handle transactions for phone cards. It interrupted our work. I’m sure it was also a financial struggle for inmates.”

Communications management is an essential factor to most facility operations. It affects safety, population management, as well as overcrowding and has a direct impact on inmates, family and friends, and staff well-being. So, the work-release facility turned to Securus Technologies for a better solution.

Inmates are now able to use the phone to call family more and keep them updated on their lives.

Another convenience is that incarcerated individuals can call their employers if they cannot show up for work, instead of having to make collect calls. They are also able to call temp agencies to hear what jobs are available, which has helped with the employment rate.

The ability to monitor calls is one of the features of Securus’ communications and management platform. The platform helps law enforcement and corrections solve and prevent crime by identifying patterns and gives real time alerts. Securus Technologies investigative features provide one of the first investigative intersections of inmate management and call management systems in the industry.

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