Portable Bypass Trailer

The Vaughan Company offers a series of portable bypass pump package options that can be used for tough solids reduction applications or low shear solids handling in temporary or permanent situations. Vaughn has partnered with Premier Pump and Power to supply pumps on a trailer or skid-mounted platform powered by either diesel, hydraulic or electric drive motors so that your correctional facility runs efficiently and economically.

Pump options include:

  • Dry Prime Horizontal End Suction Chopper Pumps in 3″-16″ models
  • Dry Prime Horizontal End-Suction Triton Screw Pumps in 3″ to 12″ models
  • Wet Prime Self Priming Chopper Pumps in 4″-10″ models

Features include:

  • Open or enclosed “sound-attenuated” options available
  • Constructed with Vaughan’s proprietary mechanical cartridge seal
  • Seal oil reservoir for dry-run scenarios
  • Digital control panel
  • Diesel, hydraulic or electric drive motors
  • Skid mount available