Signal Sidearm

In today’s online culture where videos go viral in an instant, officers must capture the truth of a critical event. The intensity of the moment can mean that hitting ‘record’ is an afterthought. Both officers and communities facing confusion and unrest have asked for a solution that turns cameras on reliably, leaving no room for dispute. Capture vital footage without lifting a finger.

This signal sidearm is:
Versatile: Designed to work with the most popular regulation holsters, so no new purchase is needed.
Subtle: Sits seamlessly on your holster. Officers should experience no difference in their range of motion and the feel of their draw.
Connected: Creates an audit report in that logs each time the camera was alerted by Signal Sidearm.
Wireless: Free of wires and cables for maximum officer mobility.
Personal: Assigned-Officer Activation allows an officer’s camera(s) to only be activated by the officer’s Signal Sidearm.



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