Cell Phone and Contraband Detection

Cellsense®Plus is the latest generation of cell phone and contraband detection, leveraging technology advancements from the original Cellsense to further enhance effectiveness for correctional facilities.

Cellsense®Plus prevents the smallest concealed items from escaping detection by demonstrating a 2x sensitivity of detection in areas where contraband is most likely to be found, while also reducing environmentally caused nuisance alarms by 50 percent.

Due to its advanced contraband and cell phone detection capabilities, Cellsense®Plus can detect contraband that other detection technologies are unable to discover (including internalized contraband) while ignoring non-ferrous metals that are not contraband threats.

While many security systems are focused on checkpoint screening at the entrance, this technology was developed as a tool to screen throughout the facility, in a manner that addresses contraband that enters through non-traditional points of entry (over the wall, smuggled, etc.)

Featuring intuitive controls and no calibration, Cellsense®Plus is operational in 10 seconds. To ensure effective deployment right out of the gate, Metrasens provides on-site training from staff that have over 40 years of combined experience in corrections.



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