Lighting Fixture

Kenall Manufacturing has introduced a new family of virtually impenetrable lighting fixtures that have no access points of any kind, including doors and hinges. Created specifically to keep staff and inmates safe, these luminaires are impervious to vandalism and contraband concealment.

Challenged by a customer to create a truly vandal-proof fixture, Kenall engineers created the Mighty Mac™ SSAS ceiling mount luminaire, the CCS (corner-mount), WCHS (wall-mount) and WCUS (wall-mount with uplight). The heavy-duty housings are manufactured from a single piece of steel, virtually preventing entry once the light fixtures are installed. Inside, long-Life LEDs are designed to last for up to 85,000 hours (10 years) of continuous use, service-free. Lenses are made of the toughest materials available and kept in place with a special bracket system fastened to the housing with through-studs.

The entire fixture is secured to the wall or ceiling surface with sixwe high-security bolts, making it virtually impenetrable. These unique Mighty Mac luminaires also offer a smaller housing optimized for cells, making them less intrusive. The luminaires are already being incorporated into high-profile projects, including the new Lansing, Kansas correctional facility.

Kenall Manufacturing