ICPA and AJA Unveil Web Resources on Coronavirus

By CN Staff

BRUSSELS, Belgium & HAGERSTOWN, Md.—The International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) and American Jail Association (AJA) have recently created online resources with helpful information and links regarding the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

ICPA reached out to colleagues from across the world, with the idea to collect useful resources that could be of use in all of its respective jurisdictions. It includes a video of a recent webinar on the pandemic—RESPONSE TO COVID-19 IN PRISONS—and also provides the opportunity for site visitors to share key information of their own on the crisis. Click here to visit to the ICPA resource platform.

The AJA’s page as would be expected provides U.S.-focused information and insights on the pandemic, including helpful guidance from Washington state jails and the Philadelphia Prison System on containing the coronavirus. Links to informative FAQs, webinars and preparedness policies are also available. Click here to visit the AJA page.