Infrared Invisible Wall

Based on the 100Hz D.I.S. patented technology platform of integrating the transmitter and receiver functions in a single column, the MIRIS 3000 3100 creates a true infrared invisible wall.

The MIRIS 3000 3100 infrared beams can be set to single or dual detection mode. Breaking two adjacent beams eliminates the dead zone typical in standard infrared barriers.

Mono-beam detection allows for an increased level of protection, whereby the lower beam can be set to time-delayed mono-detection mode to detect intrusions caused by crawling (advanced configuration by computer). Installation is simplified by having contact outputs on each of the MIRIS 3000 3100 columns, reducing the amount of wiring required.

The MIRIS 3000 3100 also features:

  • Easy Installation:Alarm contact outputs on each column, integrated alignment aid tool in every column allows for one-person set-up and alignment.
  • Reliability:Synchronized multiplexed beams, three detection modes: mono (single) beam detection, dual adjacent beam detection and temporized mono-detection (for bottom beam to detect crawling).
  • Innovation:The only commercially available IR beam on the market with transmitter and receiver in one column (Dual Interlaced Scanning (D.I.S.) technology).
  • Adaptability:Can adjust for different levels of terrain; beam height can be adjusted to fit site; integrates into existing environment – i.e., wall mounting, control panel network card can be integrated into column.

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