Rooftop Fire Protection

FireOut fire barrier coating from GAF Material Corporation provides Underwriters Laboratories Class A fire ratings when applied to combustible decks on rooftops. The product eliminates the need for costly recover boards or slip-sheets, and it can save 43 percent of expenses on installation, according to the company.

The coating does not require flame or heat to be applied. After it is spread across the roof surface the coating expands in the presence of heat or flame to form a protective insulation layer and causes a chemical reaction that helps extinguish fires by blocking heat and available oxygen.

The fire barrier can be applied by roller, squeegee or airless sprayer. Once cured, the coating also provides moisture protection on wood decks and it can be left exposed for up to 14 days before the roof system is completed. The coating remains flat and fully bonded once it is applied and it won’t wrinkle, curl or lift, according to the company.