Riot Shield Light

FoxFury Lighting Solutions announced its new Taker R40 shield light for police, military, corrections and security forces. This riot shield light is a powerful, nonlethal lighting tool that assists safe and effective crowd control and peacekeeping methods. It mounts securely via bolts inside of concave shields and does not compromise the shield’s integrity. At 700 lumens, the light is powerful enough to be uncomfortable for people to look at. This provides a tactical advantage as it prompts out-of-line individuals to painlessly and quickly conform. There are two modes for the operator to choose from: Solid On and Turbo-Strobe. The strobe mode is a varying frequency that is uncomfortable (but not harmful) for someone to look at, which provides a tactical advantage whether in an offensive or defensive situation. Unlike previous FoxFury shield lights, the Taker R40 is a self-contained shield light specifically designed to fit on the inside of clear, concave riot shields. It is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery system. Additional power packs (sold separately) can be swapped in when needed.

FoxFury Lighting Solutions