Virtually Impenetrable Light Fixtures

When Kenall designs correctional luminaires, its motto is “Safety First”. Always. Safety for the staff, safety for those who are incarcerated.

Kenall’s new Mighty Mac SSAS family of luminaires is designed for any security level facility, up to and including Supermax. These doorless LED lights are impervious to vandalism and contraband concealment, adding an extra layer of security that keeps everyone in your facility safe.

The SSAS series is intended for ceiling surface mounting to concrete or steel surfaces. The large, heavy-gauge flange provides for secure attachment. Light distribution evenly fills the space so that most cells require only one fixture to meet ACA or FBOP illumination requirements.

MightyMac SSAS Series

  • Delivered lumen range: 2,235 lm – 5,035 lm
  • Input Power: 22 – 43W
  • Efficacy: 96 – 122 lm/W
  • Long life LEDs: 60,000 – 85,000 hours (L70)
  • Nominal size: 9″× 36″