Correctional Correctional Mattress

The Dozer Slim mattress from Ferguson Safety Products is a flat mattress constructed to the same specifications as the original dozer, with a 40 percent reduced price point.  Seems can withstand 500 pounds of pull force before splitting, and the fabric can withstand 1,100 pounds before bursting. The mattress is fire-resistant, and designed with a waterproof, anti-microbial urethane coating that is resistant to peeling and cracking.

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Casco Manufacturing Solutions Inc. offers a line of institutional mattresses with radio-frequency sealed seams and no stitching.

All products contain a 4-inch thick foam or compressed polyester core covered with vinyl-laminated polyester fabric. Mattress ticking is available in hospital green and is flame-retardant, antibacterial, fluid proof and resistant to tearing and staining.

Mattresses can be cleaned with soap and water and contain vent holes at each corner. Seamless construction allows for easy searching, says the company.

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Correctional Mattress

Chestnut Ridge Foam Inc. introduces its new covering fabric option for its fire-resistant mattresses to help reduce vandalism and better assist suicide prevention. The 15-ounce covering is self-deodorizing and combats bacterial and fungal growth.

The mattress interior includes CR Safguard fire-resistant cushioning to help reduce replacements associated with fiber-type alternatives, and complies with the California Technical Bulletin #129 minimum fire standard.

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Suicide-Resistant Sleeping Bag

The Ferguson Safe Sleeping Bag was designed specifically for suicidal inmates. It is made of the same fabric used on the Ferguson Safety Smock in prisons and jails for more than 10 years. The outer two layers are composed of Blue 1000 denier nylon Cordura, which is too strong to tear into strips, according to the company. The quilt filler is composed of 6-ounce polyester fiberfill, which is too bulky to be tied into knots or twisted into rope.

The three layers are stitched together in 1-inch rows with heavy-duty nylon upholstery thread.

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Vinyl Mattress Cover

Vinyl Products offers correctional mattress clear-cover technology that is designed for longevity. The patented mattresses are covered with a proprietary clear waterproof window of self-extinguishing, anti-bacterial vinyl, formulated with high flexibility.

The mattress’ seams are hermetically welded with the company’s patented seam manufacturing process that reduces mattress thread or scrim tampering and contraband concealment opportunities. Thread or scrim is also eliminated as a weapon or tool.

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