DHS Finalizes Prison Rape Regulation Standards

WASHINGTON — The Department of Homeland Security has finalized comprehensive Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards to detect, prevent, reduce and respond to sexual abuse and assault in DHS immigration facilities. The move to finalize standards also meets a May 2012 Presidential Directive, and builds on current DHS sexual assault safeguards, detention policies and practices.

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Joliet No Longer in Running for Private Immigrant Detention Center

JOLIET, Ill. — The Corrections Corporation of American (CCA) announced Monday that it will no longer consider Joliet, Ill. as a potential host city for a new immigrant detention center. The Immigration and Enforcement Customs, which would contract CCA to operate the detention center, will continue its search for a Chicago-area site.

The decision comes at a time in which immigration reform is being debated upon and the local lawmakers expressed heavy opposition.

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