Correctional Furniture

The pedestal table from Peterson Detention Inc. features 14-gauge stainless steel seat tops supported by individual tube pedestals. Unit framing is powder coated and can be color finished to specification. The table is available in a knockdown version designed for easy storage, and PDI provides standard seating configurations up to a 10-person capacity. Custom configurations are also available.

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Video Video Visitation

Norix offers the InteleStation series of secure wall- and floor-mount cabinets, incorporating a .375-inch polycarbonate protective view screen as standard, designed to protect video visitation units. Cabinets are constructed of 12-gauge stainless steel cabinetry with .075-inch thick powder-coated steel top and access sections, and minimized writing surface sloped to discourage placement- liquid containers. Cabinets are also available in heavy-duty 45-pound density particleboard and .05-inch high-pressure laminate.

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Electrical Touch Controller

Easter-Owens offers the ELCML3 as the latest electrical touch-controller module in the Touch Bolt product line. The unit is designed to provide control of two independent lighting circuits via a touch-sensitive input. Engineered to be durable and tamper-resistant, the third-generation module is compatible with previously installed modules, according to the company. Not exposed to the inmate, the module is designed to display only the touch sensitive bolt. Once touched, the bolt acts as the catalyst for the ELCML3 module to conduct the
specific function.

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High-Efficiency Toilet

The high-efficiency toilet unit from Acorn Engineering is designed as a highly durable, compact, low-flush plumbing fixture for prisons and jails. The tamper-resistant units are engineered to use 1.28 gallons per flush, which can reduce total water consumption in correctional facilities by up to 20 percent, according to the company. The units are manufactured from 80 percent recycled stainless steel can contribute to LEED certification. They are 100 percent recyclable, according to the company.
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Free-Standing Bail Kiosk

Continental Prison Systems Inc.offers the EZ Release Kiosk, a self service kiosk designed for use in jail lobbies and booking rooms. Inmates can use the kiosk to post bail using their credit or debit card. Family members can also use the product to post bail for an inmate or use the company’s secure Web site to post bail. When the credit or debit card is authorized, the kiosk will print a wallet-sized receipt as proof of the transaction. Receipts can also be reprinted from the Web site. Jail administrators can generate real-time reports via the Web site to verify transactions.

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Security Lockers

SmartLocker from Penco Products is a locker system that utilizes computerized identification technology to grant or restrict access to lockers. Lockers are networked via computer to a central administrative office where usage can be monitored and controlled.

Administration software allows users to control the parameters of and access to operating lockers, maintain locker location and user records, and reassign lockers. Lockers can be assigned to individuals on a permanent or temporary basis.

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Door Closer

The LCN 4040 XP door closer from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies is designed for heavily used and abused doorways and high-traffic areas. Equipped with a double-heat treated, .75-inch pinion, standard heavy duty EDA forged steel arm and advanced V-shield seal, the closer protects against leakage and is stress-resistant.

The product is filled with all-weather fluid and has bearings that are 38 percent longer and 23 percent larger in diameter when compared to standard door closers. It is ADA-compliant and available in seven standard, 180 custom and 11 plated finishes.

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Portable Toilet System

Ferguson Safety Products offers the PETT, a portable waterless toilet system for corrections and law enforcement. The complete system includes a pop-up tent, toilet, 15 collection bags and backpack. Work crews and search and rescue teams can carry this 18-pound outhouse, which has a setup time of 3 minutes.

The system comes with contraband recovery units, clear waste-collection bags that reduce staff exposure to MRSA and other health threats during contraband recovery. Staff can search the inmate’s waste without having to sift through bacteria-laden material with gloves.

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Norix Group’s line of dormitory furniture for the corrections industry, Attenda, is molded in high-impact, fire-retardant polyethylene. Each piece of furniture is filled with polyurethane foam for durability and sound absorption, and features seamless construction with rounded corners for increased safety.

The product line is designed to be attached flush to the wall or floor, limiting the ability to hide contraband or tie-off clothing or sheets.

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