Miami Firm to Design Panamanian Women’s Prison

PANAMA CITY — IBT Group of Miami was recently awarded a $27.6 million contract to construct the new Women’s Rehabilitation Center (CEFERE) in Panama City, according to a statement issued by the firm. The project aims to ease overcrowding, as CEFERE is currently the nation’s only dedicated women’s prison.

“The ability to improve the living conditions of the inmates at the Women’s Rehabilitation Center was especially interesting to us, because it falls in line with IBT’s social commitment to help improve the lives of others,” said Daniel Toledano, managing director and chief operating officer of IBT Group of Miami, in a statement.

The CEFERE facility, located in the district of Pacora, will span 161,459 square feet and will have a rated inmate capacity of 732. Modern techniques in design and construction will be applied, as well as materials that ensure high strength, durability, low maintenance and sustainable building, according to a statement by IBT Group of Miami.

“The design of the new center also will be inclined toward the physical and psychological well-being of inmates in compliance with the Panamanian law aimed at improving the living conditions of women prisoners, through security, respect for human rights, rehabilitation and social reintegration,” Toledano said in a statement.

Upon completion, the new rehabilitation center will include a school, university, chapel, vocational workshops, an auditorium, health clinic, maternity home. Outside inmates will be able to enjoy a new playground and sports fields. The facility will also house different levels of security and custody housing.

IBT Group has already completed other significant projects in Latin American, including the new Regional Hospital of Azuero Anita Moreno, located in La Villa de los Santos in Panama, and is currently building the new San Miguel Regional Hospital in El Salvador.