Stab Resistant Anti-Riot Suit

UK-based body armor specialist PPSS Group recently launched a new stab resistant anti-riot suit. The suit is designed for professionals dealing with prison riots, public disorder, mass searches and other serious disturbances.

The suit offers incredible levels of protection from blunt force trauma-edged weapons and hypodermic needles, and promises to dramatically reduce the risk of physical injuries sustained by frontline professionals. The types of weapons used in these conflicts include knives or improvised man-made edged weapons, snooker queues, shanks made from broken mirrors, glass or ceramic tiles, razor blades, sharpened bed or table frame legs, timber, socks filled with snooker balls, broken bottles, hypodermic needles and spikes, fire extinguishers and rocks or bricks.

A demo of the Stab Resistant Anti-Riot Suit can be found on YouTube.

PPSS Group