Historic Kentucky Courthouse Begins Major Revamp

By CN Staff

KENTON COUNTY, Ky.—An approximately $26 million renovation project is underway on the Historic Kenton County Courthouse in Independence, Ky., to improve services and safety for citizens and employees.

A former firehouse—directly adjacent to the courthouse—served as the offices for the Kenton County Buildings and Grounds Department. However, this building was underutilized and in need of long-overdue improvements.

“We decided to consolidate our Buildings & Grounds Department in the same building as Public Works,” said Judge/Executive Kris Knochelmann, in a statement. “This allowed us to level the firehouse building, expand parking next to the Historic Kenton County Courthouse, and reduce county maintenance costs.”

In addition to increased parking, renovation to the courthouse are underway to mitigate water infiltration, which includes reworking of the exterior fire staircase, exterior parapet restoration, reworking downspouts and adding lightning protection.

“The Courthouse presented several concerns related to safety for employees and visitors,” said Knochelmann. “We needed to be able to provide appropriate social distancing and protection. The prior set-up did not meet COVID-19 health guidelines.”

Part of the renovation also involves utilizing the old record room, which will improve the flow and efficiency for visitors.

“These changes will provide a much-needed upgrade and ensure better safety for those working and conducting business,” noted Knochelmann.

It is estimated that substantial completion of the work will be completed this fall. Turner Construction is the general contractor on this project.

“The historic Courthouse remains an iconic structure in Kenton County,” said Knochelmann. “These renovations focus on preserving it for future generations, while assuring improved services and safety for citizens and employees alike.”