Medication Distribution Lockers

Traka Americas, part of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, has announced the launch of its innovative Medication Distribution Locker (MDL) to the U.S.  corrections market. The lockers, first tested in the United Kingdom, improve safety, security, and accuracy of medicine distribution in prisons, local and county jails, and detention centers.

Correctional facilities face multiple challenges with medicine distribution, including flash points around medical hatches, the possibility of prisoners being targeted for their medication, and even inmates who don’t pick up or take their prescriptions.

Traka Medication Distribution Lockers allow healthcare professionals to load inmate-specific medications into locker compartments that can be accessed via biometric fingerprint readers,  which ensure only the correct prisoner can open their assigned compartment. This helps minimize risks while improving the health and wellbeing of the facility’s population.

The lockers help healthcare staff track and audit which users have collected their medications when they were collected and saves staff time when distributing medication with features such as the “burst all doors” function to allow quick loading. Staff can also closely monitor “at-risk”  prisoners where appropriate. Officers have more time and flexibility in planning the procedures and routines for distribution, and the lockers give prisoners flexibility in planning their day.

Traka Americas