Correctional Mattresses

CR SAFGUARD® sails through the new ASTM E1870 fire test procedure for correctional mattresses.

Recent fire testing results now confirm additional compliance to the rigorous mattress assembly Crib 7 Ignition Source Test within the ASTM F1870 guide for Fire Test Methods for the Assessment of Upholstered Furnishings in Detention and Correctional Facilities. Results confirm that Neoprene compound foam cushioning does not support combustion, smoldering beyond a specific time, or exhibit melting or flaming droplets.

The compliance with this new test in combination with the stringent “Roll Test” for fire performance within Section 10 of the F1870 standard, confirms CR SAFGUARD’s unrivaled fire-resistant characteristics in relation to hazards unique to confinement facilities.

In addition, CR SAFGUARD’s durability allows for years of service, ending the constant cycle of continuous mattress replacements.

CR SAFGUARD effectively eliminates the mattress as an ignition source within a cell while providing facilities a lower cost per incarcerated individual.

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