Modular Video Management System

BVMS 12.0 is a modular, resilient video management system that offers maximum security through seamless integration with a broad range of security domains and applications. It can add value at every touchpoint, from video surveillance to access control to intrusion detection. Ideal for correctional facilities, BVMS presents all relevant information at the right time via one intuitive interface.

The latest version, 12.0, offers Threat Level Management to help operators react quickly to changing situations, ensuring increased safety. Up to four configurable threat levels can be initiated in critical security-level scenarios like fire or aggression. When activated in the video management system, a threat level can swiftly change user permissions, access control, video surveillance, intrusion panels, and more actions. In addition, the new Configuration Audit Trail is a distinctive feature that tracks changes and manages revision information for audit purposes. Data is stored in a separate database for long-term retention. It allows quick and easy searching and filtering for changes done in BVMS configuration.

Users can rely on BVMS for maximum resilience with continuous live video and playback, no matter the interruption. The video management system keeps operations running even if both management and recording servers fail.