CGL Companies Unveils Dynamic New Partnership with US Army Reserve

By CN Staff

MIAMI—CGL Companies (CGL), a renowned provider of expert consulting and facility services for public sector clients in civic, justice, higher education, and general government sectors, is has just announced a dynamic new partnership with the US Army Reserve through the Public Private Partnership Office (P3O).

The P3O agreement marks a strategic collaboration that promises immediate and long-term employment opportunities for eligible Army Reserve team members. This partnership not only supports the individual soldiers but also fortifies the bonds between the corporate world and local communities. CGL is excited to dedicate its resources and expertise to this noble cause.

Key Benefits and Goals of the Partnership:

Dual Career Development: This partnership provides Army Reserve Soldiers with secure and fulfilling career opportunities, allowing them to thrive in their civilian lives while maintaining readiness for their duties. For CGL, employing reservists enriches its workforce with highly disciplined and skilled professionals who bring leadership, diversity, and a strong work ethic.

Mutual Community and Corporate Strengthening: By connecting the Army Reserve with local communities and businesses, the P3O agreement not only supports the economic growth and community engagement in the areas served, but also enhances the network and reputation of CGL. This synergy improves CGL’s civic presence and deepens its community ties, which are fundamental to the organization’s long-term corporate strategy.

Comprehensive Transition and Integration Support: CGL and the Army Reserve will work together to ensure that transitioning soldiers receive the support they need to succeed in the civilian workforce. This initiative will benefit CGL by providing a concentrated approach to its military recruitment efforts and a steady pipeline of skilled talent on a national level, fostering a seamless integration of reservists into the organization’s operations.

With a wealth of experience in managing facilities and providing top-tier consulting services, CGL is well-equipped to support the P3O initiative. CGL is committed to using the latest hiring technologies and approaches to offer transparent, meaningful employment opportunities that help Army Reserve members seamlessly transition into and excel in their civilian careers.

“We are excited and honored to join forces with the P3O,” said Gregory Westbrook, President of CGL’s Facility Management division. “As a former Electrician’s Mate First Class (SS) for the U.S. Navy, I’m a testament to the opportunities for advancement available at CGL,” said Westbrook. “We recognize the immense value of this partnership and look forward to welcoming new, talented staff to the CGL Family.”

The partnership with P3O not only supports Army Reserve members and their families but also aligns with CGL’s strategic goals to enhance its workforce, strengthen community relations, and build a more integrated and supportive corporate environment. It is a testament to CGL’s commitment to the mutual growth and success of both the organization and the communities it serves.