California Report: Budget Talks Continue

California’s $25 billion budget deficit, and the development of solutions to close this gap, continues to be at the forefront of priorities for state and local government leaders.
The budget proposal includes the realignment of major components of the criminal justice system including the housing of specified offenders, parole, court security services as well as the extension of a vehicle license fee to fund critical local pub

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California Report: Budget Woes Affect Corrections

On January 10, Governor Brown released his 2011-12 state budget proposal. California is projected to face a budget gap of $25.4 billion in 2011-12. This gap is made up of a current-year shortfall of $8.2 billion and a budget-year shortfall of $17.2 billion. The Budget includes $26.4 billion in spending cuts, revenues and other solutions to balance the budget this year and into the future, and to provide for a reserve.

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California Report: Changes Afoot in Sacramento

The results of the statewide elections in November, coupled with the upcoming 2011 legislative session and a projected $25 billion budget deficit, creates a political backdrop that is expected to produce policy and fiscal challenges over the next year.
A number of statewide initiatives were passed by voters in November that stand to have a significant impact on not only the budget deficit, but also the negotiations among partie

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California Report, Nov. 2010

Following months of difficult budget discussions and failed negotiations, the California State Legislature finally approved a 2010-11 state budget, which the Governor signed on October 8, ending the longest budget impasse in California history. The budget package closes the $17.9 billion deficit through a combination of expenditure reductions, federal relief, additional revenues, and fund shifts.

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California Report: Budget Woes

California’s budget impasse, and the associated policy and fiscal implications being considered before the state legislature, continue to be at the forefront of concern among local and state corrections representatives.
The proposals being contemplated by the Legislature will have direct, and in many cases significant, impact on the ability of all local criminal justice departments to provide services.