Laundry Sling System Replacement Parts

To help laundries maintain their overhead rail sling systems and promote smooth, safe operation, laundry product supplier Tingue, Brown & Co. introduces a line of sling system replacement parts. The automated and manual sling systems features “D,” “O” and “V” hooking rings, snap-on hooks, lifting rings, closures, rails and other hardware as well as quick release assemblies provided setup and ready for installation. The replacement parts offer durability and meet tight OEM specifications, according to the company.

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Water-Efficient Extractor

Pellerin Milnor offers RinSave water saver software for use with the V-series 40-pound to 160-pound capacity washer-extractors. The software uses a precise G-force to remove the wash liquor from laundry items between the last wash step and the following rinse cycle. Eliminating excessive rinse and intermediate extraction steps can reduce total cycle time up to 10 minutes per load and reduce water consumption up to 0.4 gallons per pound of laundry, according to the manufacturer.

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Laundry Cart

The new 101P bulk linen cart from Meese Orbitron Dunne Co., is rotationally molded of polyethylene in a single piece to eliminate welds, fasteners and other components that can wear and weaken during operation. It can pack loads up to 800 pounds and comes standard with a powder-coated, full-perimeter steel base and industrial strength casters.

It features a hinged shelving system that allows one person to convert its two plastic shelves from its horizontal clean linen delivery position to its vertical soiled linen return position without removing the shelves.

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Laundry Chute

Precision AirConvey introduces the new Q-Chute load station for automated waste and linen handling systems. It allows the loading, accumulation and staging of bagged refuse and/or soiled laundry by the cartload for time release into a shaft for moving the load into a compactor or laundry room. The chute is set up on each floor of a facility with separate access points, reducing staff work load and the movement of germs and odors.

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