Clear-Casing Typewriter

Swintec adds the 2416DM 128K CC model to its Clear Cabinet series, designed specifically for inmates in correctional or detention facilities. With its 128,000-character storage memory, the typewriter allows users to revise, store, and print up to 200 files while its 20-character LCD shows what has been typed before printed on paper, according to the company.

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Laundry Sling System Replacement Parts

To help laundries maintain their overhead rail sling systems and promote smooth, safe operation, laundry product supplier Tingue, Brown & Co. introduces a line of sling system replacement parts. The automated and manual sling systems features “D,” “O” and “V” hooking rings, snap-on hooks, lifting rings, closures, rails and other hardware as well as quick release assemblies provided setup and ready for installation. The replacement parts offer durability and meet tight OEM specifications, according to the company.

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Workforce Management Software

Orion Communications launched the new AgencyWeb Intelligent Workforce Management software. With performance-based management, AgencyWeb automatically reports workforce public services and the financial impact of those services. Designed to use its workforce schedules and activity data, the system helps agencies translate schedule planning and activity work results into accessible information. As workforce patterns become evident, agency managers are able to use specific data-driven information to make informed decisions regarding work activities and the associated costs.

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Invisible Flashlight

Combined with any night vision riflescope or monocular, the Sightmark Infrared Illuminator by Sellmark acts as an invisible flashlight during night hours. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, the Sightmark can illuminate a target without detection, according to the company. Operable with two AAA batteries, Sightmark offers power options of low output at 70 miliwatts and a high output at 100 miliwatts.

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Moisture-Resistant Utensil

The new EcoSecurity Utensil is a slick, moisture-resistant paperboard
utensil, ideal for correctional facilities and other secure environments
where the misuse of utensils is a concern. Users can fold the utensil to
form a sturdy scooper for soft, bite-size, and pre-cut foods. The
FDA-approved product helps prevent harm to staff, inmates, and residents,
according to the company. Additionally, the utensil offers a more humane
alternative than fingers-only eating, according to the company.

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Video Visitation

Renovo Software’s new VisAnywhere Internet video visitation solution enables correctional facilities to offer Internet video visitations with the same secure monitoring and recording as their traditional IP-based video visitation system. Facilities can charge for visits as they see fit, giving facility operators a helpful revenue boost during tough economic times.

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Laundry System

ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems offers a Prison Package for secure use of its AW-series ozone laundry system. The American-made oxygen concentrator and ozone generator gives a higher kill of bacteria than hot water washing or ozone bubble systems, according to the manufacturer. The new Prison Package secures the ArtiClean System with a locking metal cover that allows for airflow to the system. Safe for inmate use with no exposed tubing.  
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Food Mixer

Globe Food Equipment, a provider of precision food preparation and countertop cooking equipment for the food service industry has announced its Correctional Package Option for its SP10, SP20, SP25, SP30, SP30P, SP40, SP60, SP62P and SP80PL Mixers (10 quart through 80 quart) for correctional institutions. The Mixer Correctional Package Option offers tamper-resistant external fasteners. All external fasteners are Torx pinhead screws that can only be removed with a special tool supplied with the machine.

Anti-Microbial Treatment System

Anti-Microbial Treatment System BioBlade Technologies™, Inc. has partnered with mPact© Environmental Solutions, LLC to provide the most effective anti-microbial products and services available. Particularly designed for the detention and corrections market, this anti-microbial treatment system uses a patent-proven technology that takes its effectiveness beyond the conventional norm. After proper cleaning, mPale© is electro-statically applied and provides an active bacteria-killing barrier for all surfaces, hard and soft.

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Maintenance Services

CGL Engineering builds on Carter Goble Lees expertise in justice planning, design and program management to deliver a systematic approach to comprehensive building operation, management and maintenance. Specialists provide tailored technical solutions designed to maximize building systems functionality, operation, efficiency and life cycle while minimizing renovations and capital expenditures, according to the firm.

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