Anti-Microbial Treatment System

Anti-Microbial Treatment System BioBlade Technologies™, Inc. has partnered with mPact© Environmental Solutions, LLC to provide the most effective anti-microbial products and services available. Particularly designed for the detention and corrections market, this anti-microbial treatment system uses a patent-proven technology that takes its effectiveness beyond the conventional norm. After proper cleaning, mPale© is electro-statically applied and provides an active bacteria-killing barrier for all surfaces, hard and soft. Non-toxic to humans and environmentally friendly, this system controls microorganisms without chemical poisons. In addition, the BioBlade/mPact© solution has proven effective in helping to significantly reduce the growth and transfer of bacteria such as MRSA, VRSA, E. Coli, also effective in combating the spread of viruses such as H1N1 Flu, HIV as well as all types of mold.