Baltimore Jail Faces Immediate Shutdown

BALTIMORE — Maryland Governor Larry Hogan said last week that he will immediately be closing the Baltimore City Detention Center (BCDC) — a jail that has notoriously been known for its association with violent gangs — and the shutdown should only take a couple weeks.

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Addressing Violence Inside Maryland Prisons

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Although the death penalty is set to end in Maryland prisons, the death toll in the state’s correctional facility’s continue to rise with alleged inmate-on-inmate homicides.

With the death of Javaughn Young, a 26-year-old inmate in Jessup state prison, the murder rate in Maryland prisons has risen to seven murders in the past seven months.
Young, who was housed in a 60-inmate wing, died from severe head trauma. Police have said another inmate is suspected in the attack.

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