Odor Eliminator

The new OdorXit Concentrate is designed to help eliminate odors and molds within facilities, warehouses, water treatment facilities, and more. Ideal for pungent smells on flooring, bedding, and clothing, OdorXit is available in a 16-ounce or 64-ounce container. Its solution chemically alters the different sources of many odors and consists of no harmful bacteria, enzymes, and other solvents. With no fragrance or masking agent, the spray is concentrated with water and can also control chemical odors such as ammonia and more.

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Door Handle Cleaner

The HYSO sensor-operated door handle dispenser from Sloan Valve Company automatically releases a burst of cleaner on a door handle on a preset basis. The battery-powered dispenser is made for handles on public restroom exits and stalls, doorknobs and handles in patient rooms, medical centers, food service establishments and more.

The dispenser uses the HYSO Aerosol Refill, and an LED indicates when a refill is needed. It mounts inches above the target surface and only releases cleaner when it senses that a user is out of range.

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Cleaning Products

Tornado introduces a new line of professional cleaning products, including vacuum cleaners, floor machines and air movers. The company is also expanding its distributors and service centers.

New product lines include rotary floor machines with rotationally molded housing; rotationally molded high-speed burnishers; HEPA-filter upright vacuum cleaners that weigh eight pounds; variable-speed air movers for drying carpets; and metal floor machines that include pad holders as standard equipment.

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Spill Kit Storage Container

The Pig See-Thru Wall-Mount Spill Kit from New Pig Corporation is a trunk-style container packed with absorbents to soak up oil, coolant, solvent and water spills. It features a lockable snap-tight lid that protects contents from dirt and moisture. Made from polypropylene, the walls of the container are transparent and allow employees to check inventory levels.

The kit hangs securely on the wall for increased floor space and can be easily removed to clean up spills in other locations.

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Infection Control

Gloster Santé Europe has developed a method of preventing and treating nosocomial infections: “dry mist” diffusion technology. It uses a combination of a spray device and disinfectant. It can be used to disinfect a variety of surfaces, including cafeterias and other high-traffic places. It could also be effective in reducing the spread of infections diseases in crowded facilities, such as jails and prisons.

The spray device uses a non-toxic, non-corrosive disinfectant that is biodegradable.

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Organic Odor Elimination

New OdorXit Concentrate uses a contact chemistry process to eliminate odors at the source. Unlike deodorants or masking agents, the concentrate chemically alters the odor-causing substances to neutralize them.

The product is highly concentrated and must be diluted with water before use. One ounce makes 30 ounces of solution that will eliminate organic odors in 60 square feet of wood or concrete flooring, or 20 square feet of carpet (not padding). It is packaged in 4- or 16-ounce bottles; for larger projects, 0.5- and 1-gallon containers are available.

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