What Keeps me up at Night? Green Facilities

There are a multitude of environmental challenges facing the correctional industry today. I am often asked why correctional facilities are behind the curve on the sustainability movement and if the challenges of pursuing LEED certification for existing facilities cannot be overcome. These are very tough questions requiring complex solutions and cause me many nights of tossing and turning.

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New Bill Addresses Contraband Cell Phone Use

WASHINGTON — A new bill that will allow states to petition the Federal Communications Committee for approval to jam or block cell phone signals from within prisons was recently passed by the Senate.

The Safe Prisons Communications Act of 2009, which next goes to the House of Representatives for consideration, was introduced in an effort to reduce the number of cell phones smuggled into correctional facilities for use by inmates.
Critics argue that jamming technology could interfere with emergency phone calls and legitimate cell phone service near the prison.

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Florida Looks to Expand Re-Entry Program With Federal Grants

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Florida Department of Corrections was recently awarded a $750,000 federal grant to improve its offender re-entry program.

The funds for the Federal Second Chance Act program, which were conferred jointly to the DOC, the City of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, will be used to boost the state’s growing re-entry program that aims to reduce recidivism by targets felony offenders returning back to society.

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