Rotondo Weirich Opens Australian Office

LEDERACH, Pa. — Rotondo Weirich Enterprises Inc. announced the opening of their fourth office, RW Australia, bringing its precast modular construction technology to Australia.

The U.S.-based company has offices outside of Philadelphia, Pa. RW Middle East operates out of Dubai, UAE and RW Antares, the Latin American branch, operates out of Mexico. RW Australia, located just outside of Melbourne, will serve all of Australia.

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Shipping Containers May House Prisoners

ADELAIDE, South Australia — South Australia has proposed housing prison inmates in shipping containers as a cheap way to ease prison overcrowding.
Correctional Services Minister Tom Koutsantonis introduced a six-cell unit built from shipping containers, to be used for a trial period, at the Cadell Training Centre outside Adelaide, saying the cells could allow the government to erect prison housing in half the time as traditional cells and save up to 40 percent in construction costs.
Construction time on the cells is only

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