Rotondo Weirich Opens Australian Office

LEDERACH, Pa. — Rotondo Weirich Enterprises Inc. announced the opening of their fourth office, RW Australia, bringing its precast modular construction technology to Australia.

The U.S.-based company has offices outside of Philadelphia, Pa. RW Middle East operates out of Dubai, UAE and RW Antares, the Latin American branch, operates out of Mexico. RW Australia, located just outside of Melbourne, will serve all of Australia.

“The Australian market is already familiar with the environmental and seismic benefits and the design flexibility that modular concrete housing offers, so this was an easy choice for us,” said Steve Weirich, president and CEO of RW.

RW Australia’s focus is on modular concrete housing facilities, which range from worker housing accommodations and correctional facilities to student housing and senior care facilities. The business model being brought down under consists of setting up a mobile production facility onsite or local to the project site, offering benefits to the owner, general contractor, all other trades involved, and the local communities. The model allows for drastic reduction in program and costs, increased communication and collaboration between teams, and the creation of new jobs before the facilities are even open, according to the company.

Mikael Carlstrom, director of RW Australia said: “This unique RW modular precast construction method utilizes key personnel from the RW team, who train local labor at the site of construction, providing RW certification and new skills which are then transferrable to their next job.”