S-Shaped Decking Panels

Curveline Inc. says its “crimp-curving” process can curve structural roof deck panels into S-curves, sine waves and other multiple-radius concave/convex shapes. The crimping process allows the manufacturer to create S-shaped panels up to 26 feet long when using 20-gauge or 22-gauge nestable decking, or up to 20 feet long with 18-gauge decking. The process does not require stretch forming or added structural support. Customers can buy standard or acoustical nestable B-deck panels in 22-gauge to 18-gauge steel and have them forwarded to the company for custom curving.

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Roof Mounting Supports

Thybar Corporation manufactures high load-bearing equipment mounting supports for roof installations of heating, ventilation and air conditioning units. The supports achieve their strength by using a series of internal bulkheads welded into position at specific intervals along the length of the rails. Standard construction includes: an 18-gauge galvanized steel shell, base plate and counter-flashing; factory-installed wood nailer; fully mitered end sections on two of three models; and internal bulkhead reinforcement.

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Thybar Corporation offers Retro-Curb, a roof curb system designed for installation on metal buildings.

Insulated curbs allow for installation on standing seam roof systems and can accommodate roof slopes for rooftop equipment. Featuring an oversized, flat, pre-punched base flange, the product can be cut to allow water-tight alignment with roof seams.

Standard construction consists of an 18-gauge steel alloy formed in water diverter with mitered and welded corners, and loose cell caps to match most seam configurations.

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