South Dakota Examines Prison Reform

PIERRE, S.D. — Prison reform has been a background theme in our country for years, existing primarily as a philosophical debate about how our country should address crime and human failings. Our nation’s current financial woes are changing that dynamic, making prison reform seem less like a theoretical concept and more like a reality that is bearing down upon the entire industry.

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S.D. Prison Project Back On Track

PIERRE, S.D. — A measure providing $1.8 million to finish a minimum-security prison in Rapid City has received approval from a South Dakota legislative panel.

The prison project broke ground last year after extended legal and political battles over where it should be located but work was halted after project funding ran dry.

The state’s Department of Corrections will provide the $1.8 million to complete construction this year. Project detractors feared that money would be taken from general state tax revenue.

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South Dakota Prison Under Construction

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Construction is under way on South Dakota’s newest prison in Rapid City after years of planning and a lawsuit that ended up before the state Supreme Court.

The new $5.6 million facility will serve minimum-security inmates and be eight times larger than the existing 5,000-square-foot minimum-security prison in Rapid City. The new prison will also have a remodeled office and larger warehouse space.

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