Shower Curtain System

The secure shower curtain system from Derby Industries features a durable coated-mesh screen curtain top that facilitates airflow, a clear curtain base for enhanced sight lines, and a privacy curtain middle reinforced for greater rip-stop, according to the company.

A heavy-duty anodized aluminum curtain track includes secure end-stop and bit. Releasable curtain-top Velcro tabs, which can be adjusted to pull away from the molded slides, are sealed at 10-inch intervals.

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Seamless Surface Coating

Prime Coat’s Seamless System is a long lasting, durable coating process engineered to eliminate mold growth and paint peel while delivering an easy-to-maintain surface that will help to prevent traction problems and slipping accidents. Shower, kitchen and dayroom surfaces unable to endure constant thermal, chemical and physical exposure can create regulatory and health and safety issues, and incur additional maintenance costs, according to the company.
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Jerry Elmblad, A Plant Guy

Vital Stats
Name: Jerry Elmblad
Age: 55
Field: Facilities, physical plant and energy management
Title: Administrative Manager
Agency: Michigan Department of Corrections
Time Served: 25 years

Jerry Elmblad’s office at the Michigan Department of Corrections in Lansing is littered with papers and publications on cutting-edge technologies.

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The Seamless System by Prime Coat provides a flooring option for new and retrofit shower applications in the corrections industry. The product is durable, easy to clean, and is designed to provide a lining for rooms that undergo constant thermal, chemical and physical exposure. Unlike tile, the flooring cannot be pried off and used as a weapon.

Using a chemical process, the product is bonded to the substrate and linked together to create a seamless surface. Nylon tape reinforces the areas where the walls transition to the floors.

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