Drywall GRID-LOCKING System

SpanFast drywall grid system from Chicago Metallic Corporation is a positive locking system designed to speed up installation and reduce wire hangers in the construction of corridors, soffits and closets. It features wall tracks with lock-in tabs that engage runners at the top and bottom.

Wall tracks feature pre-indexed 8-inch optical carrier line modules that help eliminate most measuring and can decrease the time required to install drywall in narrow areas.

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Curtain Wall

Vistawall Architectural Products introduces the Reliance Curtain Wall for blast resistance designed for government and public buildings. The system’s glass is glazed using a continuous structural silicone seal at the interior to comply with the UFC standard.

System dimensions for the product are 2.5 inches x 7.25 inches. It is thermally broken using an ethylene propylene diene monomer thermal isolator and is available in anodized or painted finishes.

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Cement Construction Block

Apex Construction Systems Inc. manufactures the Apex Block, construction blocks made of recycled polystyrene and cement. The product’s interlocking channel is a tongue-and-groove wall assembly system that does not require seam gluing. They can be filled with concrete for load-bearing, shear, stem and retaining walls.

Using carpentry tools, blocks can be cut, routed, carved and shaped, and accept siding surface or material, such as brick, stucco and plaster. The wall system does not sweat, cool or radiate trapped heat, but readily breathes and insulates with an R-value of 52.

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Observation Panel

Vistamatic introduces Vistaport, a circular observation panel now included in the company’s product line of aperture installations. The window panels are designed for facilities where there is a need for observing individuals without disturbing them.

Each panel is 21 mm thick and will fit into most standard doors. Hardwood bead can be used to fix the panel into a wall or door, which requires a clearance of 3 mm overall to avoid a tight fit. They are available with sandblasted lines, black lines or mirror lines.

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Insulated Concrete Form

Amvic Building System increased its line of insulated concrete forms to include a 12 inch form, which will be available in a straight form that will cover 8 square feet and in a 90-degree form that will cover 9.83 square feet. The product has a rebar holding system with built-in clips that can hold up to two courses of rebar in place without tying.

All forms are manufactured using 2.5 inches of 1.5-pound/cf density EPS foam on each side of the product. They can withstand internal vibration and feature an interlocking system that eliminates the need for grooving and taping.

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Modular Construction

The Oldcastle Precast Modular Group utilizes the Thermomass Building Insulation System in their precast concrete modules, which offers an increased R-value through a 3 inch insulation system. The modules are monolithically cast concrete components and are available in three-, four- and five-sided modules. They are made using 5,000+ PSI steel reinforcements.

Full precast correctional buildings come complete with cells, hollow core floor panels, double T’s and wall panels. Each system is custom designed and offered as simple additions or clusters.

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Wall System

Marlite Inc. introduces Myriad Wall Systems, a pre-engineered hardware system of extruded aluminum framework that can be used with interchangeable panels. The system allows a wide variety of material to snap in and out of the framework, enabling users to mix, match, accent, change and backlight wall statements.

The frames can be removed with a putty knife or plastic burnishing tool, and are available in transparent, translucent, opaque and custom-made. Panel materials include wood and metal veneers, perforated metals, decorative laminates, stone, fabric, acoustic and clear.

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S-Shaped Decking Panels

Curveline Inc. says its “crimp-curving” process can curve structural roof deck panels into S-curves, sine waves and other multiple-radius concave/convex shapes. The crimping process allows the manufacturer to create S-shaped panels up to 26 feet long when using 20-gauge or 22-gauge nestable decking, or up to 20 feet long with 18-gauge decking. The process does not require stretch forming or added structural support. Customers can buy standard or acoustical nestable B-deck panels in 22-gauge to 18-gauge steel and have them forwarded to the company for custom curving.

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Roof Mounting Supports

Thybar Corporation manufactures high load-bearing equipment mounting supports for roof installations of heating, ventilation and air conditioning units. The supports achieve their strength by using a series of internal bulkheads welded into position at specific intervals along the length of the rails. Standard construction includes: an 18-gauge galvanized steel shell, base plate and counter-flashing; factory-installed wood nailer; fully mitered end sections on two of three models; and internal bulkhead reinforcement.

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