Remote Controlled Lockdown Function

The R. R. Brink Locking Systems (RRBLS) Model 5020 electromechanical lock is widely used in today’s jails and prisons for remote control of swinging cell and corridor doors. Optionally, this lock is available with a Mechanical Latch Holdback (MLH) feature that allows the latch to be unlocked via key and remain retracted when the key is removed. The MLH allows doors to be held unlocked during a predetermined period. Once unlocked with the MLH option, doors require relocking locally by key, which under normal conditions is acceptable. However, during an emergency situation it can be too time consuming. To counter this possible drawback, with its Model 5020 equipped with the MLH feature, RRBLS offers a latch holdback option that can be released by key at the door or electronically from the remote control panel. This function is identified as Mechanical Latch Holdback with Remote Release (MLHRR) and is patent pending. It fulfills a detention facility’s operational procedure to unlock and relock cell doors for extended periods by key, but with an override capability to perform remotely a quick lockdown when events necessitate such an action.

R. R. Brink Locking Systems Inc.