PODCAST: Encartele Introduces Cellcast Product into Corrections

LA VISTA, Neb. — Scott Moreland, president of Encartele Inc., introduced one of the La Vista-based company’s latest products known as Cellcast, a digital signage solution created to efficiently display information to inmates on a daily basis.

According to the product’s website, Cellcast displays information, advertising and educational content customized by correctional facility staff, on monitors installed throughout their facility. Cellcast helps replace most, if not all, of the paper manuals taped to the walls or any other handouts designed to convey information. This product is designed to eliminate wall clutter from paper announcements, benefit from having all correctional facility announcements displayed with ease, customize content to meet the facility’s needs, and conserve resources and save correctional officers’ time.

In this podcast, Correctional News spoke with Scott Moreland about this product to understand how it works, what problems it solves in corrections and how correctional staff can begin installing it in their own facilities. For more information on this product, please visit www.cellcast.info.