ICPA Unveils Planning and Design Hub

The International Corrections & Prison Association (ICPA) has just debuted a new online resource intended to be a multifaceted resource for the industry. The Planning and Design Hub, according to ICPA, is dedicated to encouraging sharing and improving collaboration on the planning and design of humane correctional facilities.

The new platform aims to inspire, challenge and motivate architects, administrators and professionals globally to develop more humane correctional facilities. The Hub comprises projects, resources and discussion threads spotlighting exemplary practices in correctional planning and design. We believe that this website will be a valuable tool for all of you who are interested in the built environment. Thus far, projects and resources from several countries and various focus areas are posted.

The PD Hub was created and is also supported by the ICPA Planning and Design Network, a group of ICPA members who seek to promote professional practices and knowledge that supports humane prisons. Network members meet up at ICPA conferences and keep in touch throughout the year sharing an promoting the work of the Network.

Interested parties can easily find out more by visiting the hub at https://pd-hub.icpa.org.