Holding Cabinets

PTS Series heated holding cabinets keep pre-trayed foods hot and oven-fresh, even when prepared hours in advance. The heat system is built into the cabinet to prevent tampering and reduce maintenance and cleaning costs. Controls are tamper resistant and feature a full-range thermostat adjustable to actual temperature (90°F to 190°F) so they are easy to see and operate.

The PTS Series is specifically designed to withstand the correctional environment. The cabinets are built tough with an 18-gauge stainless steel exterior, welded construction and an exclusive tubular stainless-steel base frame. The PTS-6060 includes abuse-resistant features such as tamper resistant screws, locking security latches and protected controls. From minimum to maximum security, a wide range of other prison accessory packages are available to tailor each unit to an institution’s special needs. Five standard PTS models accommodate from 20 to 102 stainless steel or polycarbonate compartment trays.